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Common Sense with Dan Carlin

Common Sense With Dan Carlin

Loud, fast-talking and deceptively funny, this politically-independent quotforward-thinking pragmatistquot looks at the events shaping our ...

Show 123 - The Empty Calorie Inquisition

Dan reacts to the woeful media questioning at the recent Democratic Presidential debates with questions of his own for the candidates. Also ...

Show 122 - Missing the Leadership

The 40th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's death prompts an angry Dan rant about the lack of leadership in the modern world. Also School ...

Show 121 - Guilt By Association

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is taking heat because of comments made by his preacher. Dan lambastes the idea that this issue is ...

Show 120 - The Big Pessimism Show

This isn't the happiest show Dan's ever done. He's mad that the Attorney General seems to be successfully shielding the President from ...

Show 119 - Exposing the Super Delegates

Dan is 'rooting for injuries' again in the U.S. Presidential race. This time he's hoping the super delegates give the election to the ...

Show 118 - Crazy Alien Mutant Whigs

To paraphrase Archie Bunker Dan may be crazy, but he makes a lot of sense. In this show he talks about the year 1979, the responsibilities ...

Show 117 - Fanatical Deradicalization

How do we win the War on Terror Dan gets excited about a couple of ideas he reads about to combat Islamic extremism. Also, what penalty ...

Show 116 - Voting for Cake

Can voters in free nations be trusted to make the difficult long-term choices for their societies at the expense of personal short term ...

Show 115 - Waterboarding the Bureaucracy

Who does the U.S. Bureaucracy take orders from Dan looks at this question while examining the CIA and missing waterboarding videos. Also ...

Show 114 - The Government We Deserve

Would the American Republic be safer if its people weren't so afraid Dan thinks so. He talks about the connection between bravery and ...

Show 113 - What about the Losers?

Dan sounds like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed the morning he recorded this loud and fast show on the less 'economically ...