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Intensive Aquaponics with Liquid Oxygen

01/20/12 Intensive aquaculture fish farming with a hydroponics component at Green Sky Growers in Florida. Here tilapia are grown ...

Aquaponics Basil Grow Towers

01/15/12 Growing Basil Towers in an aquaponics system with Aleece Landis or TCLynx.

Aquaponics: Go Commercial? Start Small

11/12/11 Gina Cavaliero from Green Acres Organics explains how she built a micro aquaponics system before going commercial.

Growing Fish on Algae

10/21/11 Geoff Lawton explaining how this particular swimming pool is growing fish on algae. From the Urban Permaculture DVD, ...


10/14/11 Aleece Landis also known on various forums as 'TCLynx' explains her duckponics system.

Aquaponics in the Community

10/11/11 Sahib Punjabi has built an aquaponics system in a lane next to a shopping center. He gives the produce away to the ...

Introducing Murray Hallam

09/11/11 This blooper video was played at the 2011 Aquaponics Conference held at Orlando Florida to introduce guest speaker and ...

Chicken Tunnel Man

08/25/11 Bruce Morgan is into making his chickens do the work around the house using a series of wire tunnels.

Soil Creation

08/21/11 Geoff Lawton on Soil Creation. How nature creates soil. Shallow lakes and ponds to a gutter in the city, soil creation ...

How Not to Milk a Cow

08/12/11 Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Elisabeth Fekonia blooper from her excellent DVD on Home Cheese-making and ...

Rocket Stove Water Heater

08/11/11 A clip from Geoff Lawton's Urban Permaculture DVD demonstrating a rocket stove using very little wood to heat up a hot ...