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Matt's Basement Workshop

Matt's Basement Workshop

A guy, a woodworking shop and a whole lot to share. Straight grains and sharp blades

520 Veneered smart phone case

Looking for a fun project in the shop that doesn8217t take long and you can carry it around in your pocket where ever you go Here8217s one ...

519 Platform Bed Build No. 8 “The Finale…mostly”

I won8217t make any excuses for the length of time it took to complete the construction of the platform bed. Sure it was supposed to be ...

518 Platform Bed Build No. 7 “Headboard Schmeadboard”

Im getting oh so close to the end of the platform bed build, but we still have a couple more episodes to go before we finally wrap it up ...

517 Platform Bed No. 6 “A place to lay down”

Were FINALLY moving forward with the platform bed. After this round of construction it actually resembles a place you could lay down and ...

516 Platform Bed Pt 5 “We have legs!”

Its official, the platform bed now has legs to stand on We constructed and shaped them awhile ago, but finally attached them to the rest of ...

507 Teak Shoe Rack Pt. 2

In part 1 of the Teak shoe rack build I milled this amazing Teak stock my friend Jim sent. In today8217s episode it8217s time to wrap up ...

The New & Improved Website Tour

The new website is up and runningobviouslyand I have all of you to thank for making this happen. Not just those of you who donated to the ...

504 Wooden Rings From Scraps

You8217ve seen the pictures and some of you have even been asking how I did it After all, jewelry might be an amazing way to win over the ...

SawStop Z.C.I. Throat Plate Sneak Peek

I finally had a chance to install the new SawStop Z.C.I. Aluminum body throat plate, available at Infinity Cutting Tools ...

503 Winter Woodworking Tips

I swear I wasn8217t waiting until the warm weather was just around the corner before I posted this content, but that8217s exactly what it ...

502 Maple Table Base Pt 2

In today8217s episode we8217re wrapping up the two part series on the construction of a Maple table base for a our friend8217s ...

501 Maple Table Base Pt 1

Today8217s episode is the first of a two part series on the construction of a solid Maple table base built for our friend8217s daughter. ...