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PC Gamer » US Podcast

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PC Gamer US Podcast #354 – Uncle Samurai

Fresh meat This week we introduce the two, new conscripts to the PCG Intern Corps Ben and Jake. They join veterans Logan, Evan, and T.J. to ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #353 – What's in the box?

This week We8217ve seen the competition from the big three that the kids are calling 8220next gen.8221 Evan, Tyler, and T.J. discuss what ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #352 – Going Roguelike

On this week8217s podcast, Tyler and T.J. are joined by special guests Greg Henninger and Ryan Taljonick from GamesRadar to discuss Steam ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #351 – Wormhole Problems

Talked on today8217s podcast Call of Duty Ghosts, the ESEA controversy, and Evan shares a tale from STALKER Call of Pripyat that leads us ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #350 – Catfantastic VII: Origins

Prepare your skeleton for the seventh edition of Catfantastic, the world8217s most brutal and least fair PC gaming quiz show. Join Evan, ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #349.5 – A Strong Italian Man

This week a spoiler-free discussion of BioShock Infinite, what we liked at GDC 2013, and our reaction to LucasArts8217 closure.Witness the ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #349 – Spiders in Space

Podcasting thrusters to max this week, as we discuss leadership changes at EA, BarCrafts, Lord British, Elder Scrolls Online, and the ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #348 – Cultural Victory

Saddle up there8217s a stampede of news this week, ranging from summarizing SimCity8217s current state, to covering Civilization8217s ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #347 – We Built This City on DRM

Join a would-be city council featuring Omri, Logan, T.J, and Chief Justice Evan as we take our frustrations with SimCity8217s servers to ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #346 – Some Kinda Pirate

Who is this new, rather unsubtle assassin in the reveal images for Assassin8217s Creed 4 Black Flag Evan, T.J., and Omri discuss. SimCity ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #345 – Does PS4 Even Lift?

This week, Tyler, Omri, and roguish host/space cowboy T.J. discuss whether or not Sony8217s PS4 announcement is relevant to PC gamers. And ...

PC Gamer US Podcast #344 – Galactic Bully

This week we speculate on the nature of the unexpected layoffs at Valve, and also discuss the future of Gas Powered Games, the state of ...