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Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

Lay yourself down to sleep with the soothing soporific of Miette's purring voice as she reads you classic works of short fiction. Sweet ...


You8217ll have to excuse the fact that this sounds somewhat as if it might have been recorded in a submarine in the icy waters beneath an ...

The Young Workman's Letter (Guest narrator: Chris King)

Usually, when I think about this humble little project, it fills me with all kinds of amourpropre. Even when I8217m temporarily removed ...

I Am Awake (Guest narrator: Philip Shelley)

Tonight8217s guest narrator owns and operates The Devastationalist Manifesto, a project I desperately wish would soon revive itself from ...

The Man Who Lost the Sea (Guest narrator: Shig Vigintitres)

Sturgeon8217s a presence which should have been established here long ago, and I was grateful beyond expression when tonight8217s guest ...

Enoch and the Gorilla (Guest Reader: Patrick Scott)

Some of you may remember the sweet sounds of Patrick Scott from earlier Miette Bailouts. When I put out the call for guest readers, he was ...

Frau Wilke (Guest narrator: Sam Jones)

If you know Sam Jones from various internet outlets, you will be neither surprised nor disappointed that he chose to read Walser for his ...

Everything is Green (Guest narrator: George Carr)

The voice you are about to hear is not my own, though today8217s guest narrator insists his distinctive lilt can be attributed to 8220equal ...

Order of Insects by William H. Gass

I know, it8217s been a while. I8217ve been trying to Have A Summer over here, an effort thwarted by an adverse reaction to allergens ...

Two Gallants by James Joyce

Bloomsday is here again, as you surely know, and as is my ritual, here8217s another story from the Dubliners. This is the 7th such reading, ...

At the Anarchists' Convention by John Sayles

I yanked tonight8217s story from The Best of American Short Stories 1980, a volume edited by the great Stanley Elkin. If you take one look ...

The Truth and All Its Ugly

Whenever an internet missive or twit crosses my screen with Kyle Minor8217s name attached, I open it up in awe of his apparently continual ...

First Confession

I hadn8217t read Frank O8217Connor8217s stories in a very long time8211 he fell into the gutter of authors I8217d studied to a point of ...