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English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast - Learn English Online

English As A Second Language (ESL) Podcast - Learn English Online

A podcast for those wanting to learn or improve their English - great for any ESL or EFL learner. Visit us at

English Cafe #440

Topics Famous Americans Typhoid Mary The National Hot Rod Association complex versus complicated versus intricate needle hit the groove to ...

978 - Getting Access to Restricted Areas

Halt This episode is for authorized listeners only. But, well, okay, you can listen, too.Slow dialog 120Explanations 311Fast dialog ...

977 - Parts of the Body

You know that the leg bones connected to the ankle bone. Now learn the other parts of the body by listening to this episode.Slow dialog ...

English Cafe #439

Topics Panama Canal Famous Songs Fever to squander versus to lavish versus to waste self-conscious versus self-confident versus self-aware ...

976 - Showing Immaturity

You better not cry, you better not pout, because if you do, you could find yourself out of work. Grow up and listen instead to this episode ...

975 - Making Food from Scratch

Weve cooked up a nice serving of ESL Podcast today, with only the freshest English available. EnjoySlow dialog 127Explanations 319Fast ...

English Cafe #438

Topics Movies A Streetcar Named Desire Bryce Canyon National Park lockout versus walkout versus strike Sweet Sixteen, Elite Six, and Final ...

974 - Talking About Old Crimes

Try to solve murder mysteries from many years ago in this episode on crime.Slow dialog 113Explanations 251Fast dialog 1551Paul What ...

973 - Attracting Someone's Interest

Did you see that beautiful woman over there looking at you Me neither, but, hey, its possible that she was. Find out who she was looking at ...

English Cafe #437

Topics American Authors William Faulkner soap box derbys to deceive versus to cheat versus to lie to appreciate to go ...

972 - Paying an Employee Under the Table

The two things you cannot avoid in life are death and taxes. But some people try anyway, as you will learn by listening to this ...

971 - Getting in to See a Busy Doctor

Try not to get sick when your doctor is busy. But if she is, then listen to this episode about what you should do.Slow dialog ...