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5min Tech-Product Reviews: recently added

5min Tech-Product Reviews: Recently Added

In this feed you can find howto videos related to Tech-Product Reviews recently added

Philips SHM2100 External Mic for Kodak Zi8 Review

A review of the Philips SHM2100 as an external mic for the Kodak Zi8. I use the Kodak Zi8 to shoot my English lessons and sample ...

How to Buy The Right HDTV

When it comes to high definition televisions, size isn't everything Technology expert Veronica Belmont discusses important considerations ...

How To Buy a Blu-Ray Player

Blu-ray Disc Players aren't just for watching movies in HD. Many players offer the capability to stream movies, TV episodes and music from ...

How to Choose the Right Camcorder

Who knew there were so many camcorders to choose from The wide variety of sizes, formats and prices can make the choice really tough. ...

Why choose a 3D HDTV or 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

Are you thinking about taking your in home entertainment experience to the next level -- or another dimension Technology guru Veronica ...

Why choose a Blu-ray Disc Player instead of a DVD player

Digital cable. Check. HDTV. Check. Now it's time to upgrade to a Blu-ray Disc Player. Technology expert Veronica Belmont shares why she ...

Destroy Twitter Adobe Air Twitter Client Review

Marques has created another screencast for us. This time, he is showing off an Adobe Air Twitter client called Destroy Twitter. What is the ...

Cheap Satellite TV - Where to Get It

Are you looking for cheap satellite TV This video shows you where to get the most channels and the best service for the cheapest price.

DVDO Edge HD Switcher Review

Anchor Bay's DVDO Edge offers smart switching, video scaling, picture controls and more. With 6 HDMI ports, 2 component video inputs, an ...

Set-Top Box and Blu-ray Players to Watch Revision3 Content

Revision3 is available on multiple set top boxes, but how you do get our content from a Blu-ray player to find out how to watch HD Nation ...

HDTV Recommendations for Under $850

Looking to buy an HDTV for under 850 Viewer Jose wants one for his nephew, so Robert has a few recommendations Sony's 40' Bravia EX500, ...

60Hz vs. 120Hz HDTV

If you're not gaming, is 60Hz enough for an HDTV Viewer Ash doesn't play games on his HDTV, and rarely watches sports, so would a 60Hz ...