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Scam School (HD MP4 - 30fps)

Scam School (HD MP4 - 30fps)

If Harvard offered a PhD in deceit, this would be it. Award-winning magician Brian Brushwood takes viewers on an inside tour of bar tricks, ...

300th Episode! (Oh. And a RAD Card Trick) - Scam School

We've had a blast these last 300 episodes and Brian has saved one of his favorite tricks for lucky 300.

Even More Secrets to Picking Up Girls at the Bar! - Scam School

Brainteasers abound Dating coach, Adam Lyons, is back to share some tricks to meeting people.

The HARDEST Puzzle... Part 2! - Scam School

We're back with a sequel to our most popular puzzle challenge. Brush up on your order of operations and get ready to face the Four 4s

3 Easy Tricks to Approach Anyone at the Bar - Scam School

Learn the art of introduction Magic is not always about the trick, it's also about the ability to start a conversation and get someone on ...

Fool Magicians With This Most BASIC Move! - Scam School

Here's a simple riff on a traditional card technique brought to you by David Rangel

Six Ways to Escape from Handcuffs, Zip Ties & Duct Tape! - Scam School

Get ready to learn some life skills - Brian teaches us a bunch of different ways to escape from handcuffs.

Epic Magic Mash-Up: FINGER DARTS vs. PLANETS! - Scam School

You will always win this dartboard game that you can play anywhere. Plus an iPhone trick that you got to see to believe.

Amaze Everyone with this DEAD SIMPLE Prediction Card Trick! - Scam School

Card wizard, David Rangel, joins Brian to teach us another elegant and easy card trick.

Predict ANYTHING with your Smartphone! - Scam School

You're likely already holding a magic trick in your pocket. Greg Rostami joins Brian to help folks turn their smartphones into modern day ...

This Stunning Card Trick Kicks Ass! - Scam School

You can never have enough card tricks in your arsenal. David Rangel joins Brian to drop some heavy dice science to deliver a kick-ass card ...

How to Move an Object With YOUR MIND! - Scam School

Greg Rostami joins Brian to amaze us with his telekinesis trickery by moving a ring with some ingenious psychic powers

Can You Beat Brian's Ultimate Pub Quiz? - Scam School

Brian calls for a battle of wits by throwing down these puzzle challenges.