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The Digg Reel (HD MP4 - 30fps)

The Digg Reel (HD MP4 - 30fps)

Every week, The Digg Reel covers top rated videos from, the most popular social news site with thousands of contributors scouring ...

Goodbye Internet! You Now Have No Reason to Live - The Digg Reel

Yes, that's right It's the last Digg Reel ever...NoOoOoOoo1 And we're gonna do whatever the fuck we want. Whaddaya gonna do about it Cancel ...

Fun New Drinking Game! Drink Every Time This Guy Says - The Digg Reel

This YouTuber is NOT happy. Neither is this guy who just pissed himself while his Batman friend takes video. It'll make sense just watch ...

Chick Bullrides in a MiniSkirt! W00t! - The Digg Reel

Yes, a girl bullriding in a VERY short dress. Plus, we've got the lowest limbo ever - seriously, you won't believe your eyes. And your ...

Real Gangsta Shoots AK-47 (And Other Tough Guy FAILS)! - The Digg Reel

Don't you love it when dudes try to act all badass and then On today's Digg Reel, we've got a compilation of some of the finest ...

Tough Guy Screams for His Mommy on Rollercoaster! - The Digg Reel

Hey Soul Patch, think you're a tough guy, don't cha Find out what happens when he takes a ride on a scary rollercoaster. Plus, check out ...

Bad Bitch Drops it Like it's Hot! - The Digg Reel

DAMN, This dog is definitely a better dancer than you. Also, we've discovered the greatest television pilot that was never made. And no, ...

How to Be a Badass, In Three Simple Steps - The Digg Reel

Hey. Guess what Real men headbang to death metal while making fire, and wear speedos while doing it. If you can't do this, there is no ...

Here's Why L.A. SUCKS! (Hilarious Rant) - The Digg Reel

God, Los Angeles is such a hellhole This recent transplant eloquently explains why. Everyone's angry on the Digg Reel today We've got a ...

Controversial Ad: Too Hot for the USA (But Not for Us)! - The Digg Reel

Also, some little kid really, really, really wants you to buy a Samsung. Pour yourself a HOT DRINK and check out today's Digg Reel ...

Justin Bieber: Worst Actor Ever, Or Just Terrible? You Decide. - The Digg Reel

On today's Digg Reel, we feature the best of the worst of television. Would you want to take an Australian vacation with John Travolta Of ...

Study Reveals the Best Dance Moves for Scoring Babes! - The Digg Reel

Finally, science does something useful. Learn how and how NOT to snag sweet babes on the dance floor. Plus More creepy robots, and a ...

Sexy Girl with a Webcam! (*Cough, Cough) - The Digg Reel

Um, I think this is what is referred to as a 'butterface'. Plus, we've got some scandalous interspecies action, a famous person's illicit ...